Chinese Granite

Tomson Red Butterfly green brasil Almond Mauve Black berry thermal  China green

Chinese Granite is widely used in commercial building, kitchen countertops, floor tiles and many other areas all around the world. If you are looking for practicability and varity, Chinese Granite is definitely your choice. 

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Indian Granite

 Paradiso Coffee brown Kashmir gold Juparana Madura gold

Indian granite stone from north India occupies a prominent place among dimensional stones. It generally possesses fascinating colors, heavy gloss mirror polish and textural patterns. The Indian granite tiles and granite slabs are extremely popular in the interiors of new age homes.

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Brazilian Granite

Santa Cecilia Cafe Brazil Mascarello brazil Black marinace Giallo west

Brazil is one of the top countries in the world to export granite, producing 1.1 million tons per year. Exporting began in the 80s as Brazil began feeding Italian demands for the decorative stone. They now are the sixth largest exporter in the world behind Italy, China, India, Spain and Portugal. Over three quarters of the country's granite production is found in the Eastern states. Espirito Santo is responsible for more than 47 per cent of the national total. With such rich and exotic natural designs to offer the global market, Brazil's granite production is in demand, exporting more than $116 million to the United States alone.

Brazilian granite is very popular and is known for its richly coloured variations, specifically its blues and yellows. Granite found in Europe and India is more traditional, while quarried stone from Brazil is considered exotic. Some have a wavy or linear look, while others have a bubble-like appearance. Traditional granite is commonly pink, grey or beige while Brazilian granite ranges in many different colours including green, blue and yellow.

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African Granite

Niagara Gold Nero Zimbabwe Crema Botanic Chocolate Pearl Brown Antique

We are proud to offer these new colors of granite slabs from Africa.  These special colors will add unique beauty to your home that is seldom seen anywhere else. These hard to find African granite colors have unique color and movement at prices normally found on less expensive granite. We have provided photos below of these new granite slab colors but to see these real beauty and the beast.

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